Mr. Schumer Help Us

It is time for the senior US Senator from the great State of New York, the Honorable Charles Schumer to call for federal investigations in to the enormous movement of the price of a barrel of oil. Wait a minute. You say they have dropped?  We have to get to the bottom of this! Wait; you say prices are a function of supply and demand and not manipulation? What? This is Economics 101?  Then why did our esteemed Senator not understand this when prices were going up?  A populist, cynical tactic you say? It can’t be! Not the wonderful Mr. Schumer.

It is high time our REPRESENTATIVES spent less time manipulating the voters with fraud and more time creating fair international trade agreements and tarrifs and controlling our boarders so their constituents have industry and jobs. It is time for the self-serving behavior to end. The poorest of us can no longer tolerate it.